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2022 Season
Roots and Wings

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once wrote that parents should nurture children to grow both roots and wings: roots to know where home is, wings to fly away and exercise what's been taught to them.

Our 2022 season focuses on recognizing and celebrating our unique roots and our capacity to make an impact on our communities. Each of our productions and programs this season is curated with two questions in mind: 

  1. How is the relationship between our roots and land/space changing?

  2. What steps can each of us take to practice what we've been taught?

upcoming shows

2) Cabaret woman.jpg

March 2022

A Night on Jewish Broadway

A dazzling story of resilience, love, music, and influence

A Night on Jewish Broadway invites you on an intimate and riveting exploration of the history of Broadway’s greatest Jewish songwriters and composers at the newly constructed state-of-the-art Leah Posluns Theatre. 

1) Three Sisters.jpg

Three Sisters: A 'New Normal' Cabaret

April 2022

Three Sisters: A 'New Normal' Cabaret

A Chekhovian musical celebration of resilience

When the pandemic hit, it flipped our world upside down. We all had choices to make — pressing decisions on how to go about living. 

Join us for a special evening of Chekhovian philosophy and music, in celebration of resilience, survival, and the choices we make!

3) 4 newborn babies.jpg

A new comedy-drama that explores the intricacies of birth, parenthood, and all that comes before and after.

Birth Day

May 2022

A new play!

Tickets on sale March 2022. 

4) Theatre masks.jpg

May 2022

Join us at the theatre as we welcome the Canadian premiere of an international production!

* This part of the program will be confirmed at a later time, in accordance with Canadian travel restrictions.

International Production*

Co-Presented with an International Partner Organization

Check back for more information in February 2022.

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