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Train for Two

Based on a True Story

An award-winning drama that examines the power of choice in the context of the Holocaust and the post-war era. 


The Show

Train for Two uses movement, music, and edge-of-the-seat dialogue to examine the power of choice in the context of the Holocaust and the post-war era. The play is an original piece, based on the true story of the director's (Dan Petrenko) family. Told through flashbacks to the past as well as a contemporary encounter between two strangers on a train, the narrative explores the extremes of human sacrifice in a state of crisis.

Returning from its U.S. tour with a powerful cast, original music by up-and-coming composer Yan Shvartsman, and choreography by Veronika Bah, Train for Two is an emotional and thought-provoking journey through time.

On Stage:

November 2019


Al Green Theatre

750 Spadina Ave. Toronto


William Layng
Annabelle Kolomeisky
Yan Shvartsman
Michelle Chalatov
Dana Turetski
Jasmine Shalev
Giora Klichinsky
Lital Chernyi
Shawn Sherman
Sophie Khilyamov
Anna Naumova
Michelle Lifshits

Book and Direction - Dan Petrenko
Stage Manager - Nikie Martin
Choreography - Veronika Bah
Music Compositions - Yan Shvartsman
Music Production - Igor Rabinovich
Exhibit Curation - Annabelle Kolomeisky​

Show Gallery

Our Supporters

Genesis Philanthropy Group

UJA of Greater Toronto

Schwartz/Reisman Centre

JDY Theatre

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