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Three Sisters 
A 'New Normal' Cabaret 

When the pandemic hit, it flipped our world upside down. And as free-thinking individuals, we all had choices to make — pressing decisions on how to go about living. 

All together, we began yearning for a new normal. 

But all of us dealt with the crisis differently. 

There were ones who, like Olga, felt the need to care for those around them, while regretting all they haven’t done for themselves.

Others, like Masha, jumped at the chance to make a change, just to find themselves confused or heartbroken.

Some, like Irina, were able to stay optimistic, saw the silver linings, and focussed on the future.


And just like in Chekhov’s timeless drama, our three sisters dream of going to Moscow. But for them, Moscow means something different all together. Because, each of us, has our own yearning from 2020 — our own Moscow.


So, join us in Three Sisters: a ‘New-Normal’ Cabaret — a musical celebration of resilience in the aftermath of both change and suffering. 

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Performance Schedule:

April 2022 (Dates TBD)

Audition Information:Visit ​our employment webpage to see current postings.


Public sale February 2022.



For inquiries or group reservations, please contact or call our toll-free line at 1-800-487-1490.

Tickets on sale February 2022

This production is supported by:

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